BlindInsight Resistance Training

Brain Enhancing Audio Training System

About BlindInsight's Resistance Training

Resistance Training for your Brain

William Madison — BlindInsight Creator
"BlindInsight Resistance Training" provides users with a training platform in which they can learn how to decrease distraction and reactionary responses. Furthermore, it sharpens awareness of deceptive, delusional thoughts and emotions. One can increase deliberate, choice-based focus, observation, and insight generation. One could refine the ability to quiet and relax the brain when overstimulation may occur. "BlindInsight Resistance Training" allows you to rehearse self-directed focus techniques, despite stimulation being exerted on the brain.


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Simple Interface

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High Quality Stereo Audio Sessions

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More information on why BlindInsight works


Use of brainwave frequencies has its fans and foes. The difference with BEATS is the combination of a frequency and a clear training regimen. Instead of simply sitting and listening to a frequency, BEATS is active training of observation, and attention refocusing skills. BEATS imposes external stimulus through frequencies understood in research to have resonant […]