Use of brainwave frequencies has its fans and foes. The difference with BEATS is the combination of a frequency and a clear training regimen. Instead of simply sitting and listening to a frequency, BEATS is active training of observation, and attention refocusing skills.

BEATS imposes external stimulus through frequencies understood in research to have resonant effects on the brain’s neurons and neuronal connections. Stages 1-3 are single frequencies, then Stage 4 is all 3 coming together at the same time. This training platform provides a safe and consistent environment to rehearse, and truly learn how to regulate your responses, despite external and/or internal stimulus.

Regulate your mental/emotional responses more effectively when dealing with:

External Stimulus – highly distracting work or recreational environments, workplace/co-worker challenges, social media, etc.

Internal Stimulus – anxiety, fear, entrenched derogatory/inflated beliefs about self and others, etc.

BEATS was significantly affected and developed through the neuroscience/quantum physics research and strategies used by Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz in “You Are Not Your Brain”, and “Your Brain At Work” by Dr. David Rock.

BEATS will encourage these specific resonant frequencies on your brain’s connections. Your exercise is to observe the thoughts and emotions that occur in these mental states, then identifying the thought/feeling with a 1-2 word label, and return the attention to breathing and counting.

BEATS is meant to provide mental and emotional training practice/rehearsal, so that, you can actively CHOOSE your mental/emotional state and most effective reasonable responses to internal/external stimuli.